About me

Jos is a dutch contemporary artist who creates art that compliments spaces and interiors. His Subjects include nature, people and vintage cars.

He started his painting journey in 2015 when he learned the basics of oil painting from Mark Carder, Mark is an award winning artist that offers realism oil painting courses. After creating multiple realism paintings (mostly car related) Jos began to experiment with color and loosen his brush work, creating more joyfull and colourfull expressionistic artworks. Jos is currently focused on art that compliments interior design, paying close attention to color combinations and art that has minimalistic elements to it.

Inspired and drawn by nature, spaces and ‘escapism’ are important elements in Jos his artworks, He tries to create art that briefly transports the viewer to a different place such as a certain mood, a place or a scene. Jos mixes vintage subjects such as old cars and landscapes with a modern painting style to create a temporary artwork. Jos paints on durable linnen canvasses that last for years, he uses quality oil and acrylic paints and pays a lot of attention to color combinations and texture on the canvas.